Dominick Pham,
Creative Technologist

I'm a designer, an engineer, and an artist. Basically, I build things that are either really functional or completely useless. Follow me on Instagram for hobbies and LinkedIn for thoughts on leadership, design, technology, and innovation.


Cover Image for Corne Keyboard Case
Corne Keyboard Case
Cover Image for Flow Markdown / Text Editor
Flow Markdown / Text Editor
Cover Image for Homemade Vacuum
Homemade Vacuum
Cover Image for Wooden Glasses Holder
Wooden Glasses Holder
Cover Image for Dactyl Handwired Keyboard
Dactyl Handwired Keyboard
Cover Image for UT47.2 Hand Cannon
UT47.2 Hand Cannon
Cover Image for IBM PS/2 to USB-C Mod
IBM PS/2 to USB-C Mod
Cover Image for Mechanical Plotter
Mechanical Plotter


Cover Image for Astrid Portrait 8-20
Astrid Portrait 8-20
Cover Image for Astrid Bath 7-20
Astrid Bath 7-20
Cover Image for Astrid's Baby Announcement
Astrid's Baby Announcement
Cover Image for Jaxton Portrait 8-18
Jaxton Portrait 8-18
Cover Image for Sarah Portrait 8-18
Sarah Portrait 8-18
Cover Image for Kailey Portrait 1-18
Kailey Portrait 1-18
Cover Image for Mad Zak
Mad Zak
Cover Image for StartupBus Mascot
StartupBus Mascot

[Flow] is that feeling you get when you’re “in the zone”: fully in control while performing an activity with clear goals and immediate feedback; where the rest of the world fades away, allowing you to achieve higher levels of performance in a new focused state of consciousness. I’m iterating on this idea: a management framework for fostering happiness, productivity, and individual growth, grounded on the principles of flow.

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After working on a few different innovation teams at Amazon, I've found that innovation at an enterprise level can generally be classified as one of the following: continuous innovation, discontinuous innovation, and big vision ideas... [H]ere are some thoughts on what I think are critical for success for each type of innovation [...]

Antifragility & Skill Building

Antifragility is a concept developed by Nassim Taleb in 2012 to describe systems that become stronger, more resilient, or even thrive when stressors are applied to it. I think[...] that my ability to acquire technical skills at the functional level has a lot to do with a healthy amount of stressors applied, which comes in the form of unfamiliar domains, limited existing resources, and compressed timelines. [...]